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LEDGE™ technology

Patent pending Device Shelf Pocket

The patent pending LEDGE™ technology is a breakthrough in the way we simultaneously interact with the environment around us and the digital realm. The LEDGE™ device shelf pocket provides a comfortable platform on the chest to carry and use a smartpad device like the iPad.

When the pocket is unzipped, a flap housing the smartpad opens to a small shelf perpendicular to the chest.

The user can interact with the device with one or two hands, without needing to hold it.

The pocket flap and smartpad are supported at the chest and shoulders by a load bearing system to disperse the weight of the device across the upper body and reduce fatigue.

When the smartpad is not in use, the pocket can be zipped up to lie flat across the chest. By bringing the device’s center of gravity closer to the chest, the apparent weight of the device seems to lessen.

Water resistant zippers and fabrics protect the iPad from water damage.
The pure Silicon iPad holder fits securely over the device and protects it from shifting and bumps, while allowing for full buttons control and wire attachments.

LEDGE™ is a part of the Wearcom™ technology family of products.
Wearcom™ is a trademark registered by Alphyn Industries Inc.

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