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SOMA pocket Wearcom™ technology

Patent Pending Wrist Device Pocket

The SOMA Pocket will allow you to Jetson into the future of video calling and wrist power computing. Our SOMA pullovers are designed to accommodate a variety of touch screen communications devices such as iphones, ipods, and most other new touch screen phones (size 2.5 x 5 Inch).

The patent pending SOMA Pocket has an ultra clear, non yellowing, scratch proof film which allows you to clearly see and control the device. Devices with front facing cameras can also conduct video calls through the transparent film.

To reduce the fatigue of wearing a phone on your arm all day, the SOMA pocket is secured to the forearm and shoulders with various seams, tapes and latches to redirect and distribute the weight of the device along the entire arm.

A waterproof zipper on the left sleeve allows for hiding the headphones and mic wire along the sleeve. Small pockets by the collar hold the earphones when they are not in use.

The SOMA pocket has a protective cover over the transparent film to protect the delicate electronic device. It can be secured in the closed position with Velcro hook and loop, and in the open position with a Velcro tab on the back of the sleeve. The protective cover can also help shield the device screen from a bright light or to get some privacy from the people around.

The SOMA pocket is a part of the Wearcom™ technology family of products.
Wearcom™ is a trademark registered by Alphyn Industries Inc.

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