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Wearcom™ garments are the breakthrough in communication apparel. Our garments are designed to support a new generation of communication devices and make it easy for the user to apply those devices effortlessly in their professional and social daily activities.

Alphyn Industries’ Wearcom™ is the next generation in interaction. Garments that are designed to make your life easier and point out the obvious that has been missing. Seamlessly interfacing with the latest and greatest communication devices, our garments proudly stand by the Apple, Google and Blackberry information revolution.

Our garments are engineered with the most cutting edge material technology and garment architecture. The ultra clear, non-scratch film we use in the Wearcom™ SOMA pocket enables the user to effortlessly interact with their iPhone in the custom sleeve pocket. The Wearcom™ load bearing systems disperse the device’s weight around the ergonomic garment to reduce user fatigue and allow for easy device interaction.

The Wearcom™ pockets and headphone wire channels use water resistant zippers and fabrics protect the devices from water damage. The LEDGE pure Silicon iPad holder fits securely over the iPad and protects it from shifting and bumps.

We are finding ways to make the devices we use in our daily life easier to manage, and we will continue to adapt our products to the communication devices we depend on.

We currently have four patent pending technologies under the Wearcom™ family of products:

Smart pants pocket Wearcom™ technology
Patent pending pants device pocket

Smart shirt pocket Wearcom™ technology
Patent pending shirt device pocket

SOMA pocket Wearcom™ technology
Patent pending wrist device pocket

LEDGE Wearcom™ technology
Patent pending device shelf pocket

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