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The Jeggings are HERE!!

Fresh off our sewing machines, keeping girls sexy and connected!
The Valencia Jeggings will hold your phone for you, and give you that extra hand you always wished for.

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Touchscreen gloves

Cold hands don’t work well with touchscreen devices. This winter get our new WEARCOM™ Touchscreen Gloves, and keep you’re fingers cozy and connected. Buy Now!

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New Alphyn DELTA415 jeans

Introducing our latest product – the DELTA415 Premium Denim with a new smartphone pocket to help you keep in touch with your touchscreen while it is still in your pants. Buy Now!

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iPad jacket vs. kangaroo

Check out our latest video of our iPad PADX-1 LEDGE™ jacket in a back alley in San Francisco!

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SOMA-1 Wearcom™ pullover

By keeping your phone in the SOMA pocket, you no longer need to keep searching every pocket in your pants and jacket when that important call rings.

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ЯGen™ V1 long v-neck

Could you ever imagine that your most comfortable shirt will clean your body, eliminate body odor, kill harmful and infectious bacteria, regulate your body temperature in hot and cold weather, shield you from potentially harmful EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) radiation from electronic devices around you, and prevent any cuts and scratches from becoming infected?

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